Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Chicken/Wildlife Area

After missing out on the chicks last week I’ve been reading more and more about the chicken side of things and I’m really determined now to getting some. I’ve found an article in one of the magazines that I get each month ‘HomeFarmer’, it gave an overview of how to build a ‘henservatory’, which I think is a brilliant idea. It’s a very simple enclosed lean-to extension that goes on the side of a chicken hut (shed). Instead of shutting the birds away at night, the pop-hole can safely be left open, so that the birds can wander in and out at will, as still be safe from predators. This will be really useful for me as by the time I’ve finished work in the winter it’s already dark, so I could pop over to fill food and water up on a morning and not have to worry about needing to get back to put them away for the night.

I’ve been to the plot and measured the wildlife area, I thought that this would be a nice place to site the ‘henservatory’, it measures 14ft long by 10ft at one end tapering to 8ft at the other end. I’ve drawn (attempted to scale 2cm per ft) the area. In it I’ve tried to plan where I think things would be sited, the little star shapes are wildlife friendly flowers and the small circular shapes will be stepping stone so we can easily go from one side to the other without needing to step on the mud. When i've figured out how to upload a word document i'll try to attach it for you to see.

It’s forecast to be dry all weekend, so I’m planning to have TWO yes you read right, TWO full days at the plot. Samson won’t know what’s hit him. Caleb is at his dad’s this weekend so I’ve won’t have to find things to entertain him, so it’ll be lots of hard graft and no interruptions, well that’s the plan.


  1. I do wish that I could keep chickens, but we're not allowed them here. I will enjoy following your plans instead. Fingers crossed for a fine weekend.

  2. I guess we are lucky that we are allowed to keep chickens at the allotment, though we're not allowed cockerels (roosters). Last summer all those that had cockerels were ordered to dispose of them or re-home them elsewhere as residents from the housing estate the allotments back onto had complained about their noise! Caleb would love a pig, but i'm pretty sure we'd not be allowed to keep one of these at the allotment, lol

  3. We aren't allowed livestock either :( I look forward to reading all about your adventures! x

  4. I love the picture. I read several of your chicken post. I got 4 chicks from my sister 4 years ago. Now I have 12 and many fun experiences.


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