Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mixed Weekend (Weather Wise)

Yet some more digging done but still more to do. Went to the plot again on Friday afternoon/evening and got some more of the maincrop bed dug over. Saturday I mainly potted on and sowed some more seeds. A little mouse or critter of similar stature has found its way into my plastic greenhouse and chomped its way through my leeks, and has had a good dig in some of the other pots of veg in there. Upon reading the back of my seed packets leeks are best sown Jan-Apr, would I still be able to re-sow some more (it’s only a couple of days into May) to replace the ones chomped on?

Sunday me and Caleb spent most of the day at the plot, he played with the other children that were there with their parents, I worked hard. I couldn’t face another day doing the potato bed so I opted for weeding and digging over what will be the root beds for 2010. These are 2 beds which are 32ft long x 4 ft wide, broken down into 8ft x 4ft sections (on plan). When it was all dug over, I re-did the area set aside for the carrots and dug it as finely as I could possibly do, breaking up larger clods of soil by hand, then sprinkled some Growmore over the bed in anticipation of sowing various varieties over the coming weeks.

Weather was terrible on Monday, the majority of the day was lost to rain, but it brightened up a bit mid afternoon so this time was put to use building some more of the bottle house. Speaking of which I’ve finally found out how to share my photo’s with you all from my new phone, so here is an update of what’s been happening so far this year.

First Post Ready

Six Post In!

Exit Doorway & Path.

Pea Bed with Canes and String for Climbing.
The onion bed netted in the background.

Bed with 2nd Earlies planted (Yukon Gold)

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  1. It's looking good. You will be fine sowing leeks now, those pesky mice have a lot to answer for.


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