Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rudolph Ready to be Planted (At Last)

I thought I’d never see the day but I can at last get my early maincrop potatoes ‘Rudolph’ planted in the ground, it’ll be my first job on the list for Thursday. I’ll be down at the lottie bright and early to get them in the ground, they had better taste good that’s all that I can say. But it doesn’t stop there, nope, there are still more potatoes to get in before the end of the month. I’m think I’m going to have to take a sleeping bag and sleep in the shed, I’ll need to be down at the plot that much in the coming days that the MEC will start charging me board n lodge, lol.

I’ve had to put down some weed fabric over the area’s that I haven’t got round to digging over /creating beds in yet, this is mainly where the ‘onion/other’ beds are going to go, the weeds are growing at such a ferocious rate and it’s the only way I’m going to be able to control them until I can get things sorted in that area, when I can start the digging, which will be the next major task after the potato beds as I’ll need the area to plant the courgette, squash and leeks out next month. You know what they say, weeds grow in fertile soil, so if my crops grow as good as the weeds, then I’ll be a happie chappie. I’m hardening quite a few things off at the moment, in anticipation of getting them planted out over the next few days, hopefully my plot will actually look productive rather than an area of mud with some raised beds scattered on it.

I’ll leave you will a picture of the inside of the walkin greenhouse at home, most of the plants were out sunbathing when I took this, getting ready for being planted out over the coming weeks at the allotment, but you can still see some turnips, cauli, cabbage, calabrese, some tomato plants, a lily, a couple of courgette plants my hosta and a hanging basket which has been planted with a ‘garden pearl’ tomato plant and some little flowers.

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