Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Whole New Ball Game

Gosh is it really that long since my last posting! Things are progressing well on the plot, potatoes are flowering, broad beans, runners and French are all coming along nicely, sweetcorn is growing really well and the courgettes and squash are planted out, so it’s a waiting game. But the good news is I’ve been given permission to take over the little plot which joins mine. It’s been passed from pillar to post and has really only had a smidge of care and commitment over the last couple of years.

So ‘Plot 2’ is approximately 40ft by 40ft, tapering off to about 25ft on one side. It is very overgrown with weeds and needs a lot of looking after and sorting out, but hey I like a challenge. Actually it’s more realistic to say I love a challenge. Plans have been drawn, and the thought process has gone into overdrive. With this extra space I’ve decided to break down my crop rotation into more defined areas. There will be areas for ‘Brassicas’, ‘Legumes’, ‘Solanaceae’ - (Potatoes), ‘Alliums’, ‘Cucurbitaceae’ and ‘Umbelliferae’ - (Roots).

I’ve posted a couple of pics to show you ‘Plot 2’ at the beginning. I’m off work on leave for a couple of days so it’ll be all systems go to get things moving.

Plot '2' - View One
Plot '2' - View Two

Plot '2' - View Three


  1. How exciting to have more land to use. I'm sure you'll have it looking ship shape in no time.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Yes, and I'm rather looking forward to all that hard work, and extra veg of course!


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