Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Of Mice and …….

I went to the allotment last night to do a bit more work; I weeded the bed for the Sprouts which I’ll get planted out over the weekend. I then decided I’d get on and start to sort things in the area for the Courgette, Squash, and Marrow and Pumpkin patch. I’d already started to weed out some of the area, but had come to a standstill when I got to the stacks of bricks that I’d had stored there since late last year. So after carrying well over 200 bricks to various corners of the plot it came down to the wooden sheeting that they’d been stood on. I lifted it up, to assess how the weeds were underneath and to guess how much work will need doing, when there they were, a little family of mice. Mother (I presume) and two babies. I lowered the wood as I didn’t want to scare the mother away from the babies; she’d already started to scurry off. So now my conundrum is which hat am I wearing? Do I move the wood and disturb the family, possibly causing the mother to abandon her babies (my vegetable hat - must plant out those courgettes etc. soon) or leave the wood where it is, checking in at regular intervals, and allow mother and babies to reside there until they are ready to move on by themselves (my animal loving hat).

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