Friday, 18 June 2010

Sweetcorn Planted

I went to the allotment again last night to plant the Sweetcorn, I am growing two varieties: Applause and Incredible. These are sweet and super-sweet varieties so I have planted them in separate beds but these are positioned next to each other, I’m hoping that I’ve not done this wrong. As I understood it, you can’t plant standard varieties anywhere near sweet or super-sweet varieties as there is the chance of cross pollination making the corn taste bitter, but I think that sweet and super-sweet varieties planted near each other will be ok, if not, then it’s a lesson learned for next year. I also planted some Mini-Pop variety so I can have baby corn in salads and stir-fry.

I finished weeding the Brassica bed where I am going to plant out the Calabrese and Turnip so I can get these in the ground over the weekend, along with Cabbages and Cauli in the second Brassica bed. I’ll finish off the third bed and here will go the Sprouts and PSB, as these will be in over winter I’ve kept them together for ease of preparing beds for next years rotation.

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