Tuesday, 15 June 2010

GYO Magazine has teamed up with QVC!

Tune in to QVC this evening (15th June) at 6pm to see the GYO editor, Lucy Halsall live on air, Sky Digital: channel 640, Freeview: channel 16, Virgin TV: channel 740, Freesat: channel 800. Lucy will be featured with Will Sibley who has over 38 years of growing fruit and vegetables and now he’s brought his knowledge to QVC. There’s something for everyone from beginners to expert gardeners.

Last night I cooked a good portion of my freshly dug ‘Rocket’ potatoes. I can say after devouring these, they were truly scrumptious; I can’t wait to empty out other tubs in the coming weeks. Don’t you find there is a certain gleeful feeling about eating your own produce? I’ve planted up 3 varieties of 1st earlies; Rocket, Pentland Javlin and Vales Emerald so I’ll be able to compare the different tastes and keep myself self sufficient in new potatoes for the next few weeks. Then I’ll move on to the 2nd earlies, lol.

I think I’ll have to pot on some of my Tomatoes this evening they are outgrowing their 5 litre pots, I’ll put them into some 9 or 10 litre pots, and these will be their final pots. A few of the plants are now producing flowers so I’ll wait with baited breathe for small toms to start forming. I need to sow some more Cauli, Turnip and Beetroot; mainly for winter storage, sow some more lettuce and radish and spring onions, salad season is upon us!

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