Monday, 21 June 2010

Harvest Monday!

I just love the thought of pottering around the garden and thinking, mmm I’ll have some potatoes, some lettuce; some broad beans a couple of turnips and a bit of carrot to go with my tea and then being able to pick it straight from your garden. So that is exactly what I did yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed every last bit of it. If you'd like to share your harvest for the week, join in over at Daphne's and show everyone what you’ve been growing.

I didn’t get to the plot on Saturday but Sunday was glorious so Caleb and I spent all afternoon there, he played with the other children and I did the work, usual story. I earthed up the potatoes, planted out some Cabbages and Cauliflower, a few more Sweetcorn - Mini Pop. I acquired some scaffolding netting and some builder’s Hessian so I’m going to make some cages for the Brassicas, the caterpillars are steadily munching their way through the turnip leaves so I’m going to have to put up some sort of defence.

I had 5 plants which I thought were Cabbage - Greyhound (I’d put in a label saying this) but as they grew, they didn’t look like Cabbages, it’s puzzled me as to what they were so I’ve not planted them yet. Whilst looking through one of my books, I noticed a picture of the leaves on a Celeriac; these were the same leaves on my little plants. So now I’m wondering if I’ve got my plants mixed up and those that I thought were Celeriac, (whose leaves had been scoffed last week) were actually some sort of Brassica (probably why the leaves had been scoffed!). So now I’m going to plant out the 5 plants tonight where I’d planted the other plants; here’s hoping they are Celeriac.


  1. Yum, potatoes are such a treat I think!

  2. Mixing up celariac and cabbage eh? Well they both mature nicely in cool weather at any rate. Does your celariac have a swollen base?

  3. I get my plants mixed up too! I think that the Gremlins must come in at night and switch them :) Or maybe my grandson!

  4. Carrots with tea, what a good idea. Much better than a cookie. Nice harvest!

  5. I love going out to pick my meals too. Your harvest looks great.

  6. Add me to the list of those who get labels mixed up. I messed up my tomato labels last year and wasn't sure what some of the plants were.

  7. Nice veg! If you have celeriac the leaves will look just like celery leaves.

  8. Alison: Yes I think new potatoes are such a treat.

    Ottawa Gardener: I can’t see a swollen base at the moment, these are just little plants, with about 4 true leaves on them, and hopefully a swollen base will arrive at some point.

    Robin and Villager: I’m definitely blaming the Gremlins!

    Angela: Only the one carrot for tea tonight, but still I’d much prefer a cookie.

    Dan: These plants definitely have leaves that are similar to my little celery plant leaves.

    Daphne: Thanks, hopefully I’ll be able to pick a few more veggies for tea in the coming weeks.


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