Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Well Done Daisy!!!

Congratulations to Daisy, she laid her first egg yesterday. The snow has almost disappeared here in Middlesbrough, though we are forecast to have more over the weekend, not too much I hope as i'd like to get a few things sorted, even if it's just cutting wood to size for all those construction jobs I have to do.

I've been looking through my magazines over the last couple of days, trying to get some ideas, looking at seed catalogues and checking what seeds I have left from last year to see what I need ordering. ADVICE NEEDED, when it says that you need to buy fresh seed each year for example with parsnip, if you didn't open the seed from last year and it is still sealed as when it was bought, will this still be ok if it is within it's BBE date on the reverse of the packet?


  1. Dear Katy, They shuold be fine as long as they've been stored in a cool place. You can always sow a pinch of seed in a little pot to check on its viability.

  2. I usually use seed from the previous year for most things but not parsnip, however, if it's a sealed packet I would give them a go, but don't leave it till the last minute in case you need to sow more.

  3. Thanks for the advice Jo and Wiz, the proof will be in the pudding so to speak, i'll give it a go and hopefully as they have been sealed they should be ok.


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