Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Let the New Year Begin!

Happy New Year and all that jazz to you all. Welcome to Mal and Is the Wiz. Congratulations to Hazel, she started laying her eggs just before Christmas. You can see from the egg count on the right that we now have three hens laying and they are being very productive for me, I’m getting 2-3 eggs a day at the moment. I’m a little worried about Chestnut though as she doesn’t seem to have started to lay yet, I’ve had them 11 weeks now and they were bought at ‘point of lay’ so I would have thought she’d have had her first egg before now. Knowing my luck, she will turn out to be a he!!! Then we will be in trouble and so will he, it’s the neck chop if she is a he, we’re not allowed cockerels at the allotment and I’m sure my neighbours won’t put up with him singing a dawn chorus.

So work has started in preparation for this New Year. I’ve started to clear the back yard which had 3 raised beds in it (a 4 x 4, 5 x 4 and 3 x 4 ft). This is so I can erect my greenhouse; which is 6ft x 6ft. This is where I will raise my seedlings ready for sending them off to the allotment. I will also be fixing my existing shed (6 x 4ft) as the floor is rotten and the roof leaks and re-locating it elsewhere in the yard, final position yet to be decided. I also aim to build an ‘outhouse’ storage area at the back of my extension. Here I will store some of my harvest, because at the moment, I really don’t have anywhere for winter storage of my crops.

I spent a couple of hours at the allotment on Sunday also. It was lovely to get back into it, although I didn’t do any digging (whey too wet and cloggy still), I did start on the area which is where I have been storing my bricks and pallets. This area is were I anticipate putting my two apple trees, so my couple of hours was filled moving some of these pallets and bricks to the hard gravel area which I gained back in May last year.

I’ve placed my potato order• First Earlies: Pentland Javlin (again as they were so good the first and second time) Swift and Arran Pilot• Second Earlies: Kestrel and Lady Christl• Early Maincrop: Maris Piper, Sante and King Edward• Late Maincrop: Druid
Salad: Charlotte

I’ve also sent off for some Rocket and Pink Fir Apple from magazine offers. With all these I think that I should have enough to keep me going.

More work hopefully over the weekend.

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