Saturday, 7 July 2012

I Caught a Swarm of Bees!

I was just chatting to one of the other allotment holders near the bee hives on Thursday evening and we were just chatting away looking round at the Hawthorne, saying how wild the grass was growing and how tall it was and commenting on the brambles, just general chit chat saying how much nectar the bees have in their immediate vicinity, when I spotted this!  A quick phone call to Pete who looks after the other hives, his original hive died over winter but has collected two swarms in the last month and 30 minutes later we were chopping down the branch and putting the swarm in a nucleus until I could build my spare hive.

We had planned on putting them in the hive yesterday but with the torrential rain we held off until this morning, they are now safely tucked up in their new home and hopefully they will like it.  So in the space of a month we have gone from 1 hive to 4, double what we originally had....

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