Monday, 9 July 2012

Iddy Biddy Tomato

Doesn't it look cute, this is my first tomato growing and it's in the bottle house, can't wait to taste it.

We put the bees in the hive on Saturday morning, nice and early before they came too active, I had a quick look at the four hives on Sunday, just from the side, I didn't venture into them and they were all doing nicely, lots of bees flying in and out, looking good.

However this morning when I had a quick look, the swarm I collected on Thursday I'm a little concerned about, the bees were going in and out but none had any pollen in their baskets on their legs... as long as they were taking pollen into the hive things were going ok, or so that's what I was taught.  Anyone got any idea's or can reassure me.

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