Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Well you wait all this time for an egg and two come along together just like buses. I went to Edinburgh for the weekend, Samson went to the kennels and I left the girls to their own devices, the hut and run is predator safe so I put enough food and water in to last them the two days and left them too it. I checked the nest box the next morning after my return to find an egg there; I was chuffed to bits but then also disappointed as I’d missed the actual event. When I went home that lunch time to take Samson for his walk and to give the girls their afternoon corn I found another egg which had obviously been laid that morning after I had left for work, so Caleb and I were both able to have Egg and soldiers for our tea last night and truly enjoyable they were too.

I think it is Mrs Pepperpot who has laid the eggs so far, they were brown in colour, which is the colour she lays (although Hazel supposedly lays brown eggs) but Mrs Peppperpot has the reddest wattle and comb so I think she is slightly older than the other three and has now started her egg count. For ‘stocktaking’ purposes I am going to keep a little running tally of who has laid however many number of eggs. That is providing I am able to tell the difference between Hazels and Mrs Pepperpot’s eggs. The other two should be easier as they are different colours.

The weather over the coming weekend seems to be forecast nice and fine so I’m hopefully going to get a few more winter jobs done.

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