Friday, 19 November 2010

My Girls!

Meet my girls, I’ve managed to capture all four together, but Hazel (Grey) is hiding behind the others so you don’t see her lovely features. Four eggs to date, so in one week and with only one bird laying so far I’m well on track to keeping myself well stocked up over the winter, when they are all laying I’m going to have ample, then I can start to think about letting friends and family have some.

So back in October I told you about going on a course regarding how the best way to plant the fruit trees were and that this would be followed up with a course on winter care and pruning. Well this weekend is the pruning course, so I’ll be learning how to keep my trees (and those of the community allotment) in tip top condition so that the harvests are bountiful.

Saturday, weather permitting will be some of the winter jobs that need doing.


  1. Your chickens are lovely. It's nice that you've got a mixture of breeds, no mixing them up. Hope you managed to get some jobs done before the snow appeared.

  2. Hi Jo, yes the mixture certainly helps when we are trying to see who is who.


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