Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Quick Update

Well the ‘girls’ have settled in lovely, no eggs yet, I keep threatening them with a boiling pot but so far it hasn’t worked. They all seem to get to themselves to bed ok just as the night is drawing in, all are feeding well and there doesn’t seem to be any bullying, though I think Mrs Pepperpot is the boss, well she seems to be at the moment…

Most of the potatoes have been lifted, the only problem I have now is storing them, my shed at the plot is not solid, i.e. small animals etc can get in to it as there is a gap around the very bottom of it, and the shed at home is not waterproof, the roof is leaking, the floor has rotted and the window is broken so I have some work to do. I’m thinking of building a larder type storage building at the back of my extension, something similar to an out-house. I don’t have a large kitchen so there really isn’t anywhere to store surplus winter produce at the moment. I’ll just have to do my best this winter and hopefully have something in place for the harvests of next season.

Pete, one of the other community plot holders has made a start on digging holes for our trees. My own four trees have arrived and as per normal I’m not anywhere near ready for them to go in the ground, so I’ve had to ‘heal’ them in the small raised beds I have in my back yard until they be planted properly. I hope I’m not doing them too much damage; they are in their dormant stage so hopefully everything will work out ok. But the quicker they are in the ground the better, especially the Plum tree, apparently these need to be planted by the end of November, the Apples and Pears can be planted up till February.

Hope your winter jobs are coming along nicely.

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