Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Come and have a look around..... don't be shy!

So it was great weather over this last weekend, got a good bit done, still some more to do but since we last talked about what i've done for this cropping year here is an update.

  • Over-wintering Garlic & Shallots - doing nicely
  • Early Broad Beans Planted, starting to make some good growth
  • Red Onions & Brown Onions Planted, just beginning to show themselves
  • 1st Earlies Planted, nothing showing yet...
  • Early & Late Maincrops Planted (thank goodness), along with some Salad Spuds, just planted, wait and see for these
  • Pots in tubs at home, shoots coming through... another few weeks before we can have these
  • Carrots, starting to come through
  • Radishes, coming through...
At home in the greenhouse we've got leeks, cabbage (summer, autumn & winter), calabrese, purple sprouting, beans, turnips, swede, sweetcorn, peppers, chillies, tomatoes, aubergine, cucs, butternut squash, courgette, sprouts, lettuce, beetroot and parsnips (lettuce & parsnips are roughing it outdoors now, ready to be moved into the plot at the weekend.

Well, here is my first video, giving you a quick walk around the plot, i'm afraid at the end I was going to take you over to meet the bees, but they were not flying around so we'll have to complete that another day.  Hope you like it

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