Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Just a bit of an update (2011 - my missing blog year)

Just to let you know a bit more about what I was up to whist I was unable to blog during 2011.  Well you might remember that when I'd last posted you back then, we had just been given the grant for the bees.  We got funding for hives, bees and suits.  Myself and another plot holder Pete both took charge of a hive each, with  spare parts to expand with another hive this year.  2011 went rather well, and the bees flourished.  We didn't take any honey off them, deciding to leave it for them to over winter on.  It looked like they had come through the winter ok, my hive was very active during the week in March that was unseasonably warm, Pete's didn't seem to be as active.  We had a visit from the BeeBase Inspector in April and he confirmed that Pete's had Nosema and wasn't likely to survive.  Nosema Apis reduces the lifespan of infected bees, increases winter mortality and reduces spring build up.  My hive on the other hand was going really well, "a lovely colony" he said.  Well what I need now is a nice warm day when I can open the hive up and do a spring check.  I will then decide if I am going to expand and create a second colony, not sure if I'm brave enough for this...

A couple of pictures here for you of the bee set up.

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