Monday, 21 May 2012

A Few Dry Days Makes a lot of Difference...

Wow, we've gone from constant rain during April and May to well I wouldn't say constant sunshine because there has been very little of that, but at least it's been mostly dry for the past week and I've taken advantage of the break in the rain and been doing a lot of catching up at the allotment.  And the weather man says we're in for a bit of a heat wave, now lets not get excited, late teens to early twenty's is not a heat wave in normal terms, but when the temperature has struggled to get into double figures 18-22 degrees is a HEAT WAVE in my books.

SO getting back to taking advantage, a couple of sneaky half days leave and a couple of good weekends and hey presto we have the 'Solanaceae' area complete, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and strawberries all planted.  Its a weight of my mind.  I hate catch up.

 Solanaceae Area (5 beds)

 Jerusalem Artichokes (permanent bed)

Strawberry Bed

I've also planted out some parsnips and some lettuce, weeded the bed where I am going to plant some more broad beans and cleared the area in front of the chickens laying a path and planting some more artichokes.


 Jerusalem Artichokes (chicken run!)

Lettuce (salad bed)

All being well, I've got another day leave for tomorrow (subject to weather conditions; told the boss if it's raining I'll be in work).

Planned jobs; finish weeding salad bed and plant out more lettuce, sow peas and broad beans.  Start on the 'Cucurbiteae' area, hopefully it'll all be dug over and beds made before the courgette, squash and cucumber plants need to go out.  Lets hope for lots of dry weekends and I'll conjure up another magic trick.....


  1. Very nicely constructed allotment and blog too. Thanks for joining my blog by the way, and happy gardening.

    1. Thank you, and happy gardening back to you.


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