Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Find of the Month!

Whilst out last night walking Samson (my dog), I spotted in the skip down the road a large plastic object. Never one to pass up an opportunity to acquire something to utilise and for free (I’m always rubber necking whilst driving around to see if I can make use of anything) I decided to go and have a look. Well you can imagine my delight when this big plastic object turned out to be a children’s sand pit that had been thrown out. Seeking permission I grabbed it with great delight and scurried off home with it.

So now my head is spinning with ideas of how I can make it come to life in my allotment as a wildlife pond so that it attracts welcoming frogs/toads etc. It comes in two halves each measuring 43” x 36” and about 24” deep. Although shaped like apples (very apt) I’m sure the visiting wildlife won’t mind too much and it will eventually be a haven of delight for both me and them.


  1. Great find in the skip. I'm sure the local wildlife will appreciate it.

  2. That is a great idea! Plus you won't have to fill it all the time like you would a birdbath.


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