Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Plans for 2010

Well there is nothing really to update you on regarding the plot so I though I would describe it to you (with a couple of photos thrown in how the plot looked when I took it over) and share with you my plans for 2010.

View 1 (front fence joining right fence & curved fence)

View 2 (curved fence to left)

View 3 (back fence joining right side fence)

I think the best way to describe the allotment as is an odd shaped ‘pentagon’. My back fence measures 40 ft and the long fence to the right of my plot measures 70 ft the left side fence is 40 ft and the front fence is about 16 ft. This is all joined together by a diagonal fence which I’ve not really measured as it’s not straight; it’s a kind of curving fence. If you measure from the bottom of the left fence straight across to the right fence, this is about 60 ft. So you can see I’ve got quite a decent size area to grow everything.

The previous owners left me a decent sized shed, which I’ve now moved into the back right hand corner of the plot as this area is very shaded with trees from the plot next door and I don’t think I’d get much to grow there. I’ve made this area my working area by laying a patio and that’s where I’ve got my compost & water bins.

As for my plans for 2010, first and foremost I would like a productive season, which goes without saying. I’ve decided to follow a four year crop rotation policy and so far I’ve built raised beds for three of the rotational/cropping areas and therefore need to get moving and finish the raised beds for the fourth area.

I’ve bought myself a little greenhouse so I would like to get that put up/built and utilised ASAP. I am currently using a couple of those little plastic ones (at home), with three shelves in them, so I’m looking forward to being able to potter around in my new one.

I’d really like to get a fruit area up and running, I’ve been donated some raspberry canes and strawberry plants. I’d like to grow some rhubarb, grapes and peaches and if I can prepare an area, plant up some apple, pear and plum trees next winter. I’m going to make a few permanent beds, to put in bits like rhubarb, herbs etc. I’ve earmarked an area where I’m going to have some flowers, especially those which attract bees. Lastly and probably my most adventurous plan, I’m going to build a bottle-house. Here I plan to keep my toms, aubergines, cucumbers and peppers once they are past the seedling stage and need a bigger area to grow.

Other thoughts for 2010 (but more like 2011), I’d like to make a wildlife ‘hotel’, build a pond and maybe at some point in the future start to keep some chucks.

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