Friday, 15 January 2010

Hope and Happiness

The Grand essentials of happiness are: Something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

Something to do: sow seeds a plenty
Something to love: your budding seedlings and blossoming plants
Something to hope for: a fruitful harvest

Should this dreadful weather ever change I would like to get over to the allotment over the weekend, have a look and see if the snow has disapeared at an amazing rate (I think not) and see what damage it has done to the broad beans and over wintering onions, should I be able to find them, lol. Possibly do a bit of tidying up in the shed or at least mend the shed as it kind of started to fall apart when it was moved back in November and what with all the dreadful rain and then the snow i've not been able to get round to mending it.

Looking at the forecast (for Middlesbrough), well for Sunday at least, things are looking promising. It is anticipated there will be large amounts of dry weather, with temperatures closer to normal, dare we HOPE?


  1. Katy, if you see someone popping on and off of your followers lists, it's me. For some reason I'm not able to get it to show me as Annie's Granny, with my profile and photo. So...annibloom1 might keep showing up and disappearing before I figure it out ;-)


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