Monday, 18 January 2010

Potato Order

Last year was the first time I’d grown any vegetables other than the odd tomato plant as a child. I’d always wanted to grow my own but had always lived in houses with no garden (just a back yard) and never really thought about getting an allotment, they were something that old men had, I know please don’t shout at me for my ignorance!

I found these wonderful patio potato planters in the local garden centre. I got some seed potatoes (Pentland Javlin) from a DIY store, planted them up and some weeks later pulled out the most wonderful potatoes I’d tasted, I couldn’t believe the difference in taste. And there the journey began, I was hooked.

Remembering how wonderful my potatoes tasted, when all the seed catalogues started arriving I thumbed through to the potato selection and was spoilt for choice, I was like a child in a candy store. The final list, decided with a little help from Caleb (my son) was:

First Earlies: Pentland Javlin (for me as they were so good the first time) and Rocket (for Caleb)
Second Earlies: Yukon Gold
Early Maincrop: Rudolph (Caleb’s choice - I wonder why) and Blue Danube (only 99p due to size of order, so we thought we’d give them a try)
Late Maincrop: Golden Wonder and Pink Fir Apple
Christmas Collection: Orla - First Early, Vivaldi - Second Early, Carlingford - Second Early, Sarpo Una - First Early

So here I am, seed potatoes are in the shops, and I’m waiting anxiously for mine to be delivered so I can start to chit my earlies!

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  1. Will be interested to hear how you get on with Pink Fir Apple. We grew them 2 years ago, but I found them too finicky to prepare. They did taste lovely, especially roasted. Just my preparation impatience that did them for me!

    Congratulations on starting your blog - will look forward to hearing how your growing season goes.


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