Thursday, 14 January 2010

Withdrawal Symptoms

I’m sure there are plenty of fellow plotters out there who, like me are itching to get on with things. I experimented sowing a few seeds a couple of weeks ago, on my window-ledge just really to see what happens and how things progress here in the North East. Being my first real season for growing things I’m not sure what I can get away with and when I can realistically start to get things moving. So i've decided to document what I sow and how they do. Anyway I’ve got a few onions coming through and some of the cauli seedlings are progressing nicely. Only time will tell as to how they grow.

With this weather is I’ve not been able to do anything productive on the allotment since probably the middle of November. We had a lovely half term week at the end of October, but then things turned. First we had several weeks of endless rain, and the plot was quite flooded in places. Reading through all my bumf, it’s advised not to dig when the mud sticks to ya boots, and my mud was certainly very sticky to say the least. Then just as things seemed to be drying out, along comes the snow, and then more snow, and even more snow. Since taking over my allotment, I’ve been working on it most Sundays, quite often Saturday afternoons and several evenings during the week (until the nights drew in that is). So I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms now, is this something that I’ll get used to or does it only get worse the more years I grow my own?

With nothing really more to expand on I’ll sign off with a picture of Samson, basking in the sun outside the shed. This picture was taken as things were mid-November and shows how things a progressing (see picture 3 in my entry 'Plans for 2010' to see how it looked back when I took the plot over).


  1. What a difference you made! I'm looking forward to seeing your garden through the seasons.

  2. So organised! We haven't gone for wooden edging to the beds but this may be the year that we put some in. Your shed looks just right in the corner of your plot. Don't tell me it's tidy inside (thinking guiltily of own glory hole of allotment shed!)


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